Blessing Preparation Course

Blessing Preparation Course

The Four Blessing Pledges

  1. We affirm the eternal true love of husband and wife and we dedicate our marriage to God.
  2. We will not separate, divorce or betray each other.
  3. We will teach our children to be sexually pure until they are married.
  4. We will support God’s ideal of the true family and teach all people to uplift sexual purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage, beyond race, nation and religion.

The purpose of the Blessing Preparation Course is to help each participant prepare to find their eternal spouse and to receive the Blessing of Marriage with their eternal partner. For couples who are already married, the purpose of the Course is to receive the Blessing of Marriage.
Toward that end, each participant is required to take a 40 day online course. This will help you to become the best person so that you can find the best person. The course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks covering a total of 38 lessons. Each week’s commitment is designed to take a total of about 2 hours, including time to connect and discuss on the forum.

  • Part 1
    Lesson 1: Man and Woman are God’s masterpieces
    Lesson 2: Marriage Makes a Man or a Woman Complete
    Lesson 3: True Conjugal Love Unites a Man, a Woman and God
    Lesson 4: All of creation, including man and woman, is designed by God with the concept of male and female or plus and minus
    Lesson 5: Human Beings Meet God at the Original Palace of the Sexual Organs
    Lesson 6: You Have to Know the Value of the Blessing
    Lesson 7: True Love, Life and Lineage are the center of the Blessing
  • Part 2
    Lesson 8: The Principle of Creation:  The Dual Characteristics of God and the Creation; Universal Prime Energy, Give and Receive Action and the Four Position Foundation
    Lesson 9: The Principle of Creation:  The Purpose of Creation, Original Value, and the Process of Creation and the Growing Period.
    Lesson 10: The Principle of Creation:  The Incorporeal World and the Corporeal World Whose Center is Human Beings
    Lesson 11: The Human Fall: The Root of Sin
    Lesson 12: The Motivation and Process of the Fall and the Power of Love, the Power of the Principle and God’s Commandment
    Lesson 13: The Consequences of the Human Fall; Freedom and the Human Fall; The Reason God Did not Intervene in the Fall of the First Human Ancestors
  • Part 3
    Lesson 14: Relationship Intelligence Reality Check Part A
    Lesson 15: Relationship Intelligence Reality Check Part B
  • Part 4
    Lesson 16: Family Pledge 1: Building the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven
    Lesson 17: Family Pledge 2: Attending God and True Parents; Becoming True Parents Ourselves
    Lesson 18: Family Pledge 3: Perfecting the Four Great Realms of Heart
    Lesson 19: Family Pledge 3 (continued): Perfecting the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal family
    Lesson 20: Family Pledge 4: Building the Universal Family and Perfecting the world of Freedom, Peace, Unity and Happiness
    Lesson 21: Family Pledge 5: Advancing the Unification of the Spirit World and Physical World as Subject and Object Partners.
    Lesson 22: Family Pledge 6: Moving Heavenly Fortune by Embodying God and True Parents and conveying Heaven’s blessing to our community.
    Lesson 23: Family Pledge 7: Pledging to Perfect the World Based on the Culture of Heart which is rooted in the original lineage
    Lesson 24: Family Pledge 8: Having Entered the Completed Testament Age
    Lesson 25: Family Pledge 8 (continued): Through Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience
    Lesson 26: Family Pledge 8 (continued): Achieving the Ideal of God and Human Beings United in Love and Perfecting the Realm of Liberation and Complete Freedom
  • Part 5
    Lessons 27 to 32: The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics parts 1 to 6
  • Part 6
    Lesson 33: The Four Blessing Pledges and the Importance of Hoon Dok Hae
    Lesson 34: Steps of the Blessing and Understanding the Conversion of Lineage and the Holy Wine Ceremony
    Lesson 35: Understanding the 40 Day Separation and Three Day Ceremony
    Lesson 36: Steps to Complete the Chastening Ceremony and the Forty Days of Sexual Abstinence
    Lesson 37: The Meaning of the Three-Day Ceremony
    Lesson 38: Steps to Complete the Three-Day Ceremony

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