Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am not a virgin. Can I still use this site?
A: Yes, but you must return to virginity before using the site, and maintain sexual abstinence from that point on.

Q: I am already married, but we would like to receive the Blessing of Marriage. Can we do that?
A: Yes. You can enroll in the Blessing Preparation Course, complete it successfully and receive the Blessing. Register here.
If you are living together and have children, you are considered to be a married couple for the purpose of registering for this site.

Q: I am cohabiting with my partner. Can I receive the Blessing?
A: Yes, but you need to live separately first while taking the thirteen week Blessing Preparation Course.

Q: Can same-sex couples use this site?
A: No. This site is only for biological males or females looking for an opposite sex marriage partner.

Q: Is this site only for a particular church or religion.
A: No, those of any or no particular religion can participate.

Q Can 2nd or 3rd generation Blessed children (children born to Blessed parents) use this site?
A: Yes. Blessed children and their parents (if participating), can choose to access only profiles of other Blessed children, or also other profiles, as desired.

Q: I have already taken a marriage or Blessing preparation course or seminar. Do I have to take the Blessing Preparation Course?
A: Yes. All participants must complete and pass the Blessing Preparation Course.

Q: I have a learning or other disability. Can I participate in this site?
A: Yes, you can participate. You will be able to indicate your exact situation when you make your UnionStation profile, after completing the Blessing Preparation Course.

Q: I am not from the United States. Can I participate in this site?
A: Yes, you can participate.

We will add to this list of questions over time.

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